Maison Zellige is a house of Master Craftsmen and designers specializing in floor and wall coverings. A true human adventure, our team is made up of seasoned craftsmen at the service of your projects and provides personalized support to our private or professional clients for contemporary, traditional or unique creations.

Created in a magical atmosphere, natural composed of clay, our authentic zellige with beveled edges is designed in our Parisian workshops and manufactured in Fez in Morocco.


Cultivated from generation to generation, zellige is a family tradition and a heritage that Kenza Aarab was able to develop in France and internationally.



Born in France originally from Morocco, Kenza Aarab after higher education in finance and a professional career in private banking.

Kenza decides on a professional retraining by devoting himself exclusively to the development of patterns, the creation of tints while preserving the

Preserving historical heritage, imagining, dreaming, creating and designing unique contemporary motifs in the service of universal architecture.

Kenza Mâalama which means Master Craftsman, Designer works both the design, the manufacture of the zellige, the implementation until the final installation of the zellige.